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PIDS XP 2024 by Cap Digital

Generative AI for animation, 3D and VFX

For the second year running, PIDS Enghien has entrusted the programming of its demo area to Cap Digital. On the program: discover innovative cutting-edge solutions that put generative artificial intelligence at the service of animation, 3D and VFX, opening up a new path towards the democratization of content production for film, audiovisual and video games.

Join us on Thursday, February 1 (12pm-8pm) at La Serrurerie to test innovative solutions and meet their creators, and on Friday, February 2 (10am-12pm) for live creative performances using generative AI tools.

Having established a solid foothold in photo, design and video software, generative AIs are now making rapid inroads into 3D & animation production pipelines and virtual object libraries. While these artificial intelligences do not yet have the level of quality required to meet the demands of AAA video game productions or the biggest animation studios, the heavyweights in the sector are no longer hiding their interest in these artificial intelligence-based solutions. In August 2023, Disney announced the creation of a task force dedicated to AI; when Ubisoft revealed last spring that it was relying on AI to help facilitate the writing of video game for video games.

Showcase your innovation at PIDS XP 2024!

Character design, 3D modeling & texturing, skinning, rigging, rendering, animation – and all the associated disciplines – are you developing a French solution that capitalizes on AI to create 3D content, animation or special effects for virtual worlds, video games or audiovisual productions?

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Where: La Serrurerie6 rue Mora, 95 880 Enghien-les-Bains (5 min walk from Enghien-les-Bains station)