The PIDS (Paris Images digital Summit) is an event created by the Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains dedicated to visual effects, crossing the creative, technical and economic stakes of a sector that is constantly evolving. Discover the latest trends and innovations in digital visual effects, CGI, motion-capture, 3-D and disruptive technologies in cinema, television, advertising, video games and transmedia ! Paris Images Digital Summit will present the 7th edition of the Digital Creation GENIE Awards, a ceremony celebrating the French digital creation talents (VFX Supervisor, Digital artists, innovators…) and the Legends of special effects.

2017 Winners


Visual Effects – Feature Film

Stéphane Bidault et Mathieu Jussreandot – Autre Chose – L’ORIGINE DE LA VIOLENCE réalisé par Élie Chouraqui –
Hugues Namur, Manuel Souillac, Tchook & Guillaume Provost – Mikros Image – CHOCOLAT réalisé par Roschdy Zem

Rodolphe Chabrier et Benoit de Longlee – MacGuff

LE FANTOME DE CANTERVILLE réalisé par Yann Samuel

Visual Effects – TV Fiction

Benjamin Ageorges – Autre Chose

AU DELA DES MURS réalisé par Hervé Hadmar, Marc Herpoux et Sylvie Chanteux

Fabien Girodot, Olivier Emery et Tony Botella – Trimaran VFX

GLACE réalisé par Laurent Herbiet

Vincent Venchiarutti, Arnaud Fouquet et Manon Le Bas – Mikros Image

EN IMMERSION réalisé par Philippe Haïm

Visual Effects – Advertising

Mathematic – INSTAGRAM – ONLY ON

Benoît Revilliod, Benjamin Laborde, Bruno Maillard et Nataly Aveillan – FIX STUDIO – SECURITE ROUTIERE – ONDE DE CHOC

Cécile Hubin, Pascal Giroux et Damien Canaméras – Mikros Image – JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER – THE FACTORY

Laurent Creusot, Christophe Huchet et Thomas Haas – Mikros Image – ORANGE –BIG NOEL

Laurent Creusot, Antoine Carlon et Pascal Giroux – Mikros Image – EVIAN – THE BABY BAY

Better Environment

Nicolas Deveaux Franck Savorgnan Lionel Fages – Cube Creative – L’EXTRAORDINAIRE VOYAGE/SKYWORLD – Futuroscope

Dorian Marchesin, Tony Dugard et Geoffrey Lebreton – Unit Image – THE DIVISION – YESTERDAY


Best Student Film – VFX / CGI





Best Innovation

Parrainée par Cap Digital

Allegorithmic – SUBSTANCE



Eclair – Ymagis – ECLAIRCOLOR

Le Jury Innovation : Pascal Buron – FICAM, Stéphan Faudeux – Mediakwest, Virginie Guilminot – les Fées Spéciales

The Editorial Committee:

Johanna Castel (Chargée de mission – Animation stratégique, Cap Digital)

Chris Edwards (CEO, The Thrid Floor)

Lionel Fages (CEO, Cube Creative)

Thierry Frey (SIGGRAPH)

Florence Gastaud (Délégué générale de l’ARP)

Patrick Glâtre (Chargé de mission cinéma, Conseil Général du Val d’Oise)

Renaud Jungmann (ESRA Animation)

Damien Maric (Directeur général WIP Studio)

Olivier Perrot (Editor-in-chief at

Franck Petitta (Directeur de l’Ecole Georges Méliès)

Dominique Roland (Directeur du Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains)

Stéphane Singier (Veille technologique et Grand Paris numérique, Cap Digital)


Pierre Buffin

The GENIE of Honor rewards a French or foreign personality who has contributed through his creativity, his sense of innovation and his vision to developing the film and animated image industry.

A pioneer in computer graphics, Pierre Buffin created the BUF Compagnie company in 1984. His many innovations in visual effects and digital animation make him one of the most respected figures in the global film and audiovisual industry. We owe him in particular the invention of the “bullet time” effect, popularized by Matrix, but originally developed for a clip by Michel Gondry, as well as the “camera mapping” techniques that allowed David Fincher to create a new visual language on Fight Club.

Pierre Buffin has accompanied the greatest international filmmakers, such as Christopher Nolan (Batman, The Dark Knight), Kenneth Branagh (Thor) Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Luc Besson or Wong Kar-Wai (The Grandmaster), to enable them to express their most unique visual ideas.

Pierre Buffin is currently working with David Lynch on the new season of Twin Peaks, one of the most anticipated series of 2017.

Joe Letteri

The organizers of the Paris Images Digital Summit (January 25 to 28, 2017, Center des arts, Enghien-les-Bains) are pleased to announce that Supervisor Joe Letteri will receive an Honorary Genie on Wednesday January 25, 2017 during the third edition of the Digital Creation GENIE Awards.

The 2017 GENIE of Honor, Prize awarded to a French or foreign personality who has contributed through his creativity, his sense of innovation and his vision to change the film and moving image industry, will be awarded to Joe Letteri by Weta Digital. Joe Letteri is Special Effects Supervisor at Weta Digital. He was honored with four Academy Awards in the Best Visual Effects category for his outstanding work on the Avatar films, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and King Kong. A pioneer in his field, he won the Academy’s Technical Achievement Award for co-developing the transluminescence technique that created the character of Gollum. This is not the only one of these successes as he has also developed many techniques that have become benchmarks in the work of special effects supervisors.
Joe Letteri and Weta Digital continue to improve these techniques and seek new ways to create visual effects with ever more exceptional and complex photographic quality. Joe Letteri is currently working with Luc Besson for the highly anticipated Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and collaborating with James Cameron on the next three films in the Avatar franchise.

Joe Letteri joins Neil Corbould, Dennis Muren (ILM), Jacques Bled and Rodolphe Chabrier (Mac Guff) honored in the two previous editions.