The PIDS (Paris Images digital Summit) is an event created by the Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains dedicated to visual effects, crossing the creative, technical and economic stakes of a sector that is constantly evolving. Discover the latest trends and innovations in digital visual effects, CGI, motion-capture, 3-D and disruptive technologies in cinema, television, advertising, video games and transmedia ! Paris Images Digital Summit will present the 7th edition of the Digital Creation GENIE Awards, a ceremony celebrating the French digital creation talents (VFX Supervisor, Digital artists, innovators…) and the Legends of special effects.

The winners of the 2016 edition

Best VFX Supervisor – Feature Film

Benjamin Ageorges et Stéphane Bidault – Autre Chose – BELLE ET SEBASTIEN, L’AVENTURE CONTINUE de Christian Duguay

Cédric Fayolle – Mikros Image – DHEEPAN réalisé par Jacques Audiard

Geoffrey Niquet – BUF KINGSMAN réalisé par Matthew Vaughn

Hugues Namur – Mikros Image – TAJ MAHAL réalisé par Nicolas Saada

Rodolphe Chabrier – Mac Guff – TAKEN 3 réalisé par Olivier Megaton

Best VFX Supervisor – Fiction TV

Jean-François Fontaine – Machine Molle – AU SERVICE DE LA FRANCE réalisé par Alexandre Courtès

Cyrille Bonjean – Mikros Image – PANTHERS réalisé par Johan Renck

Sébastien Rame – Mikros Image – LES REVENANTS – S2 réalisé par Fabrice Gobert

Best VFX Supervisor – Advertising

Nicolas Deveaux – Cube Creative – BANQUE ALIMENTAIRE Réalisé par Nicolas Deveaux

Martin Trepeau – Mathematic TV – BMW S7 – Visionnary Lights Réalisé par Xavier Chassaing

Laurent Creusot – Mikros Image – CANAL + LES LICORNES réalisé par Matthijs Van Heijningen

Lucas Salton – BUF – CANALSAT LA CHARGE réalisé par Thierry Poiraud

Laurent Creusot – Mikros Image – ORANGINA SHAKE THE WORLD réalisé par Matthijs Van Heijningen

Jérôme Billet et Marc-Thomas Cavé – Digital District – VOLVIC, THE GIANT réalisé par Johnny Green

Best innovation of the year

Nukeygara Akeytsu

Golaem Golaem Crowd

Isotropix Clarisse iFX

Mercenaries Engineering Guerilla Render

Stereolabs ZED

Best Student Film – VFX / CGI

CATCH IT – Paul Bar, Marion Demaret, Nadège Forner, Pierre-Baptiste Marty, Julien Robyn, Jordan Soler – ESMA

CHATEAU DE SABLE – Quentin Deleau, Sylvain Robert, Maxime Goudal, Lucie Foncelle, Julien Paris – ESMA

THE SHORT STORY OF A FOX AND A MOUSE – Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier, Kevin Roger – ESMA

MIEL BLEU – Daphné Durocher, Constance Joliff, Fanny Lhotellier – Ecole Georges Méliès

ZZZEN – Eliot Tisserand, Clarisse Rubini, Emilie Scaps, Célia Barillaux, Geoffroy Canedi, Nicolas Triboult – RUBIKA




Visionnary Genie Awards 2016

Dennis Muren

Dennis Muren is the VFX Supervisor and Creative Director of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), founded by George Lucas, with whom he began his career in 1976, helping to create “Star Wars: A New Hope” ( Star Wars). He has regularly collaborated with filmmakers George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron through many major productions in the history of the Seventh Art: the saga “Star Wars”, “ET”, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, ” Terminator 2 “,” Jurassic Park “,” AI “,” War of the Worlds “…

Dennis Muren has received many awards throughout his career including 8 OSCAR in the category “Best Achievement in Visual Effects”, 1 OSCAR Technical and he is the first digital artist to be honored in 1999 with a star in Hollywood. Walk of Fame.

Dennis Muren will give a Master Class on Saturday January 30, 2016 followed by the screening of JURASSIC PARK by Steven Spielberg on the occasion of La Journée Très Spéciale, open to the general public and organized at the Center des arts d´Enghien-les-Bains.

Jacques Bled & Rodolphe Chabrier

Founded in 1986, MacGuff Studio quickly grew to become a major player in the animation and visual effects world. The creative approach of the founders, combining artistic standards and the technological response provided by dedicated R&D, has attracted and won over talented directors, artists and producers, both French and international.

From Jean-Baptiste Mondino or Philippe Stark to Pierre Coffin, Matthieu Kassovitz, Jean Paul Goude, Michel Ocelot, Gaspar Noé or even Jan Kounen, all these geniuses passionate about the image come to MacGuff knowing how to find the know-how, the attention and the tools that will give birth to their ideas.

Mastery and development of “proprietary” software tools, as well as permanent dialogue with all players in the audiovisual sector, allow Mac Guff to embrace and structure the most demanding and innovative visual demands and to impose its quality standards.

In 2008, Chris Meledandri joined forces with Mac Guff to direct “Moi, Moche et Méchant” before buying the feature film animation department in 2011 and founding Illumination Mac Guff with great success. Illumination Mac Guff is today one of the most important animation studios in the world and Mac Guff, which remains a completely independent player in the industry, is one of the most renowned visual effects studios in Europe. Through their 30 years of collaboration, Jacques Bled and Rodolphe Chabrier, as well as Philippe Sonrier, have contributed to the influence of French creation and the film and audiovisual industry.