The first announcements

Three days of professional conferences around the latest trends in the visual effects and digital creation industry through round tables and case studies.

In the program :
Metaverse: what opportunities for the VFX industry?
Virtual Production: Feedback on new turning methods associated with real-time tools. We no longer say “we will see this in post-production” but “we saw it in pre-production”.
Augmented TV: When real time and augmented reality reinvent television shows
MSX / VFX: how to combine traditional makeup techniques with visual effects?
“Small budget, big impact”: Open source solutions are democratizing and opening up a new field of possibilities for creators.
Extreme MOCAP: Motion-capture comes off film sets to create new immersive and interactive experiences.
XR: Live show and immersive creation
– And the VFX case studies of major French and international productions for the year 2021.


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Friday January 28 at 7:30 p.m.

Meet our GENIE of Honor 2022 for an exceptional Masterclass hosted by Alexandre Poncet, the opportunity to look back on the immense career of the VFX supervisor of Apollo 13, Titanic, Harry Potter, Avatar …

The Masterclass will be followed by the projection in original version and in 3D of the film “Hugo Cabret” directed by Martin Scorsese, a tribute to the pioneer of special effects Georges Méliès, film for which Rob Legato received his second Oscar.



La soirée aux effets… très spéciaux
Saturday January 29 at 8 p.m.


Screening of the cult Italian space-opera “Starcrash: the shock of the stars” directed by Luigi Cozzi (1978), presented in a restored 4K version.

“Starcrash” is considered one of the best sci-fi chicks. Knowing that a nanar is such a failed movie that it becomes hilarious, we could deduce that Starcrash is necessarily a failed movie.

It’s actually more complicated than that, because while Luigi Cozzi’s film is indeed hilarious in spite of itself, it is also a generous work with incredible handcrafted special effects. The film makes people laugh, but it also inspires tenderness and respect for a team that had to tinker with an ersatz Star Wars in Italy, for a ridiculous budget. We will therefore delight in the incredible ingenuity implemented to bring the film, its spaceships, its stop-motion robots and its giant monsters into existence.

The screening of the film will be followed by a meeting with the Nanarland team around the most improbable special effects of cinema twice.